Classic Maya Elites

Classic Maya Elites

3 Articles, 1 full page each. 1st paragraph, what the article is about and the main points. 2nd paragraph on what “I” learned. No “I” statements in the first paragraph. Be very specific and don’t use “he/she”, write the name.

3 pages total, 1.5 to double space, use Chicago footnotes, proper grammar, no cover page or works cited page

for each article write upto the bottom line of the page


ref and cite the articles in chicago style, I am sending a guide

Outline needed

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As widely reported, elite craftspeople produced the majority of the Classic Maya art’s beautiful pieces. Understanding the production system necessitates a good focus on the beliefs and knowledge underlying these activities.1 Additionally, the production of art objects demanded esoteric knowledge of the religion, myths, writing, history, astronomy, and calendar which was thoroughly tied to the prestige and power of the elites which differentiated them from other members of the society. With regards to the production activities, the elite artists involved themselves largely for ideologically political reasons.2 Additionally, their participation in the arduous physical work under possible unfavorable conditions shows a commitment or compliance with the aesthetic and cultural values related to artistic production.

The artistic creations from the Classic Maya Elites may not have emanated from jus.

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