Coca-coal Supply Chain Management

Coca-coal Supply Chain Management

Briefly research and share a company who you feel “gets” supply chain management. Explain why they are successful in this marketing effort. Be sure to include two outside sources. Your post should discuss the details regarding supply chain management strategies used by the company, and thoroughly explain why you think the company you choose does an excellent job managing the supply chain from suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, transporters, and retail outlets.

Your responses in the discussion board must be well written according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. The CSU-Global Library is a great place to find resources.

This company cannot be Apple or Samsung. Pick a different company


refs and cite


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Supply chain management involves the practices that are involved from the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing delivery and selling of the final product. Therefore, the efficiency of the management techniques of the supply chain activities is essential for the business to be successful. The importance of good supply chain strategies has been evident in the growth of multinationals like Apple, Samsung, Coca-Cola and other companies. Good supply chains should be able to reduce inventory and increase speeds of delivery and therefore push sales upwards. For the sake of understanding the importance of good supply chain management, it is important to analyze an example of a company that performs well in the area. Coca Cola is an excellent example…

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