Code of Ethics under SOX Title 404

  • The SEC released its final rule to implement a code of ethics under SOX Title 404. The stock exchanges have proposed that each company listed on the exchanges publishes its code of ethics. Discuss whether or not these additional disclosures will both have a positive impact on public confidence and influence investors’ behavior. Support your position.
  • Evaluate the impact that a company’s code of conduct can have on promoting positive employee behavior, improved decision making, or the willingness to report unethical behavior of coworkers. Recommend at least two ethical policies that might encourage employees to report unethical behavior.

These are just discussion questions that’s only can be a paragraph or two.




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The creation and implementation of an effective code of ethical behaviour have the potential of increasing benefits to companies in terms of both legal and performance measurements. When listed companies make public their codes of ethical conduct, other listed companies will be able to determine whether or not there is fair completion. The code of conduct also provides a touchstone that dwindle the possibility of individual values conflicting with those of the organization. When a company publicly discloses its ethical values, it increases its reputation in the eyes of the public and may encourage investors to …

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