1. Research Note 3.6 discusses cognitive styles (creativity, conformity

   to rule and group, and attention to detail). We don’t have access to a
measure that can determine which of those we fall into, but based on self
reflection (and any personality quizzes you’ve taken) and the HBR article
(found in the Read section), which style do you think you fall into? Have
you noticed teams at your job (or at school…that evil group work thing
😉 succeeding or failing based on the mix of cognitive styles? Explain.

– My cognitive way of learning is Analytical perspective.

HBR article ( Harvard Business Review)

preview of the answer..

As an introduction I will briefly describe what the three terms, creatives, detail-oriented people and conformists mean. Creatives, as the name suggests, refer to people who usually tend to identify problems in a workplace, and develop many original solutions. However, they are less focused on the idea’s usefulness. On the other hand, Conformists usually seek consensus and work best when complying with established rules, regulations and functions. Attention-to-detail people are in most cases, systematic and precise and very attentive to the implementation of ideas. Sometimes they may act as a barrier to development of radical new ideas (Carter, 2014) …

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