Collaboration Environment and Tools

Discussion Questions – Collaboration Environment and Tools

In Week 5, you will discuss the importance and ability to collaborate with other members of an organization.  In today’s business environment it is critical that individuals and members of a team collaborate with each other to discover solutions to the issues within an organization.  Information Technology (IT) can assist in the collaboration effort by providing a set of productive tools that allow for easier communication and sharing of ideas and documents.

What is the importance of a collaborative business environment in respect to the use of technology and process improvement in an organization?  You may utilize examples from your own organization (or an organization you are familiar with) to enhance the discussion.Of the available collaboration tools on the market, which is your favorite? Why? Do you use collaboration tools in your personal life (outside school and work)?

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Teamwork offers an organization and staff members the ability to be more familiar with each other, thus learning how to collaborate while doing their duties. Collaboration has various benefits to a business organization. However, firms are likely to benefit from teamwork if they understand the elements that will assist them in developing policies aimed at encouraging collaboration among members..

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