Communication Components in Criminal Justice

Communication Components in Criminal Justice

  • 1. Provide a 1.5 page overview where you will explain how all of the components below are linked together and applied to the field of criminal justice.
  • 2. Revise the attached power point presentation. Include a written narrative explaining what was changed and why.


  • Interview questions.
  • Annotated bibliography.
  • Report writing assignment.
  • Graphs and visual aid.

Follow APA format and style.

communication  graphs criminal justice  Bibliography  interview  reports
I have attached the files for the components needed for the assignment.

Comments for revision of the attached power point to be made, the presentation needs to answer the questions asked :

A description of the criminal justice policy you selected
* An explanation of what you hope to achieve by informing your community about the policy you selected (explain, teach, or convey).
* An explanation of how the policy might be beneficial for your community.

*APA Citations and References

* No sentences

* Less is more – 6 bullet points, 6 words

* Use of the Notes in PPT.

Here are the component attachments for the overview (overall just need an overview how all of these components are connected within criminal jusitce:

  • Interview questions.
  • Annotated bibliography.
  • Report writing assignment.
  • Graphs and visual aid.
be brief as possible
Answer preview………….

The field of criminal justice applies various means of gathering and presenting information to solve crimes and prevent the same. The collection of information may vary from research approaches to interrogative and questioning tactics to establish underlying facts or suspicions regarding varying issues. The presented documents are linked to the criminal justice field in that they are either means of collecting or presenting information. As tools for collecting and presenting information, they are useful in appropriating the best approaches towards effective communication and research in the field…………

APA 477 words

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