Community health nurses function in many capacities that differ greatly but share core functions.

Community health nurses

part 1—Community health nurses function in many capacities that differ greatly but share core functions.

Choose at least two community health practice settings.

Compare and contrast the role of the community health nurse in the practice settings.

Include at least one peer-reviewed and one evidence-based reference, and an APA-formatted reference page.

175- to 260-word paper

Part 2-

Imagine you are a community health nurse assigned to care for a family with a newly diagnosed type-2 diabetic member. The diabetic family member, JK, is a 66-year-old African American woman with hypertension and asthma. JK lives in a food desert and does not drive. JK’s family visits her weekly, but they have complicated lives and are unable to provide daily care for her.

Evaluate the following community health resources:

Create a plan detailing opportunities for JK to gain adequate access to appropriate foods for one week. Your plan must address:

  • Appropriate and realistic estimated budget
  • Shopping locations
  • Transportation means, routes, and timing
  • Support services

Compare JK’s community to your county census data

  • 175- to 260-word paper



Answer preview…………..

The selected community setting is the school and home. The school setting can either be a high school, college,  or any other learning institution.  In such a case, the nurse mostly offers services to the students. On the other hand, those patients who are discharged from the hospital with critical conditions may receive the specialized and customized care they require from their homes. The difference between the community health nurse in school and at home is that in school settings, their role is to provide the services that are provided by the clinicians, at home, the community health nurses may deal with more complicated cases. In the school settings, these nurses barely handle complicated cases; this is following the fact that most of such situations…………

APA 642 words

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