Community Hunger Resolution

Community Hunger Resolution

The thesis is “Hunger is a problem world wide caused by poverty and lack of resources.Hunger can be resolved in my community by donating food and money, having food drives, and starting fundraisers.” The essays pretty much trying to solve a problem within the community which i picked hunger. Its a problem and solution essay with 3 to 4 pages. She wants it in times roman in mla manuscript format, #12.

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The problem of hunger is a global issue that affects millions of people annually with women and children bearing the harshest damages of the situation. Human populations are displaced, and wars erupt as the lack of food for basic life sustenance forces the afflicted communities to engage in criminal activities to survive.  Hunger might also result from the direct effects of draughts and strife in war ton regions, leaving less time and land for agriculture and other modes of food production. In this research, we analyze the problem of hunger and the major causes, which include poverty and lack of resources. Methods of hunger resolution and………………………

APA 1280 words

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