compare and contrast the four decision models/theories

Decision-Making Theories

After the reading( in the files) then answer the follow question:

The Discussion Board for this week asks you to compare and contrast the four decision models/theories presented: The Rational Model, Bounded Rationality, The Garbage Can Model, and Slow/Fast Thinking. Each of these models is descriptive (describing how we make decisions) rather than prescriptive (telling us what how we should make decisions). Yet, are there any take-aways from these models as a whole?

Fundamentally, how are these theories similar? How are they different? Which do you think would be a good model to use for a decision to change a company’s PTO (Paid Time Off) policies? Why? A quick note here: These discussions (and responses) are graded. Be sure to be thorough and address and/or reference specific concepts from the current week’s material when submitting to Discussion Boards.



Subject:  Masters Management


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