Compare Namibia education, explain this is the disconnection this is the reason they are falling behind

Applied Project Prospectus: Educational Development in Namibia

Feedback from professor: Structural point view: The problem is two-fold reflect on the thing as we move along, it has not be operationalized.

More than the broad sense of the problem more specific issues or you can tell or share that is relevant to the research.

How are you going to collaborate? What is the plan? What are you going to do with this information?

The definition of education development is a bit vague. What are the contribution?

What are the challenges? Comparing with what? How is it doing better?

In comparison with whom?

Bench march> some indices, parameters to look into, some indicators, a framework that will do those comparisons.

For example, there are different global indices that Namibia is part of looking to HDI and find NAMIBIA IN THE LAST 10-30 YEARS IS IT IMPROVING OR WORSEN

What is happening there?

Imagine looking into HDI top 1 or 2 in the sector

Compare top performance to lower performance

.What are things going right with education Analyze it.

I will compare this HDI EDUCATION SECTOR WITH A COMPARABLY country (EX BOTSWANA, South Africa, )

Compare Namibia education, explain this is the disconnection this is the reason they are falling behind

Make it more practicable, tangible, actionable, need to see operational, need to see how I’m doing this?

  • Part one make a revision to the problem statement, project impact, impact of research and prospectus using feedback above as well comments.
  • part 2, article analysis 4
    • Review the myriad of research methods available and possible in social science research.
    • Consider philosophical approaches and assumptions about knowledge that influence our choices.
    • Identify ethical issues in social science research and decolonizing approaches.
    • Write the first article analysis paper, identifying research questions, methods, and evaluating relevance to your research.

For each article analysis assignment you should find a peer-reviewed published research article (in an academic journal) that is related to your problem statement in some way. Carefully read the article and then write a 2-3 page (double-spaced) review of the article. This review should address the following:

– first identify the research question (s)

– then, identify and evaluate the method (s) used in the research – Are the conclusions warranted based on these methods and the analysis of the data?

– what does this article add to our knowledge of the problem? What does it leave out? In other words, how does it inform you research?

  • Presentation of prospectus
    • In-class presentation for no more than FIVE minutes (can be less) that includes audio-visual elements.
    • This can be a few slides with audio accompanying where you explain your work; or it could be a full video presentation with some visual that provides some notes or pictures to support your work
  • Applied Project Prospectus
    • This prospectus is a brief proposal, focusing on your problem and methods for research, application and/or knowledge mobilization:
      • 3 pages, double-spaced
      • problem statement + methods discussion (how you will carry out your research or applied project)
      • literature cited as necessary and briefly discussed
      • final section is on data analysis, or project application, and knowledge mobilization (and potential impact)



subject:  Masters Social Science

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