Comparison and contrast between Villa Rotonda and villa savoye

The second half of the semester is dedicated to the comparison and contrast between Villa Rotonda and Villa savoye. The assignment will be a 10 page paper in MLA format. In addition to the 10 pages images and a source list should be provided.

Notice: I already did 5 pages of villa Rotonda. 

I would like to use my easy with the comparison

i did villa rotunda
Each student has to identify a building from the 21st century that has a conceptual connection to the assigned building from the first half of the semester so i choose villa savoye to compare
and I want to give more detail about the golden ratio

preview of the answer..

This building was constructed in between the years 1928 and 1931 and it is a manifestation of modern styles. The building was designed by Pierre Jeanneret and Le Cobrbusier who were cousins and Swiss architects. This building still stands even today because of the constructors used reinforced concrete to build it. This building obtained its name from its owners, as it was constructed with an intention of serving as a country retreat for its owners, the …

1518 words APA

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