Comparison of Project Management Models

Comparison of Project Management Models

Consider the following scenario:

Your company has been using Traditional Project Management (TPM) methods for years, but is now looking into the possibility of adopting agile practices. Your boss has asked you to prepare a paper comparing TPM to agile practices and summarizing the benefits and limitations of each.

Write a 1200 word paper including, at a minimum, the following information:

  • Briefly describe the TPM waterfall method.
  • Briefly describe one or more Agile project management approaches.
  • Compare and contrast TPM and Agile methods, emphasizing the strengths and weaknesses of each.
  • Discuss what kind of projects would be more appropriate for TPM approaches and what types would be more appropriate for Agile approaches.
  • Discuss how a project approach is selected for different types of project. Provide an example by selecting an approach for one of the following projects, and explaining your rationale for the selection. Remember to focus on the project approach and not get involved in the technical details of the project.
    • Converting a large enterprise from using IPv4 to IPv6
    • Implementing cloud computing for a large enterprise.
    • Managing a Business Process Reengineering (BPR) project to modernize and integrate a major company’s business systems (accounting, sales, logistics, manufacturing, etc.) into an enterprise-wide unified architecture
    • Building a new data center for an international business
    • Implementing a new decision support system that uses artifical intelligence.

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Answer preview………..

The TPM waterfall method is a project management model that follows a sequence of phases. The output of each stage becomes the input for the succeeding step. It is a sequential and activity-based procedure in which each phase of the SDLC is carried out sequentially right from the planning phase to the implementation and control phases. The method is among the pioneer methods in software development. The technique is founded on the assumption that the users of software programs can identify and specify all the requirements of the business in advance (Fichera, 2016)………

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