Competitive Advantage

C0mpetitive Advantage

Kyle Wong, our guest speaker, speaks to how his organization integrated differentiation, innovation, and the Internet to gain competitive advantage (INF220 Week Two Information Systems – For Competitive Advantage (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)

. Using Michael Porter’s Model of Competitive Advantage, analyze how you feel Pixlee uses information systems for its customers’ competitive advantage. Hint: See the Competitive Advantage Strategies in the “Business Use of Information Systems” chart (See Attached File). Give examples to illustrate your answer. Provide justification and citations for your points.

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Pixlee is a company that creates a visual marketing platform that allows firms to market and sell their products using real customer photos and videao. The company helps users to develop their customer photos as well as videos in real time from social media, publish customer photos in different marketing channels, develop shoppable social galleries and optimize user generated contents (Simpelo, 2016). It serves industries including footwear and apparel, travel and hospitality, as well as customer packaged goods. Pixlee integrates internet, innovation, and differentiation to gain competitive advantage………

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