complete a self- assessment about your career interests and/or your personal traits

Career Options for Business Management Major



Clicking on and clicking the Star button in the Tell us what you like to do

  • third box to the right in the middle of the screen). You will complete a self- assessment about

your career interests and/or your personal traits. The findings will be informative in helping you determine if you should keep your declared major or make a change.

  • Once you are done with the assessment go back to and browse by industry (second box in the middle) and click on the industry that is closed to your business major of interest. Then click on a minimum of two “careers” related to your industry/declared major (essentially a job/title you could have with your declared major) and read out the skills and duties of that “career.”
  • All assignment submissions should be in Word or an rtf file.
  • If I can’t open it I can’t grade it.
  • All writing should be free of grammar/punctuation errors.
  • ALL questions for either option 1 or option 2 must be completed to obtain points, 21 points, or 0 points possible; 21 if all questions answered, 0 if something is missed.
  • To receive points your submission must be submitted in the correct folder. If you submit it in the wrong folder submit it again into the correct folder with a note that says, “Grade this one.”
  • 1. Open your word processing program and type your name and class section in the top left, i.e.: Melissa DiegnauBUS 295 0_(put in your section number: 01, 02, 03)
  • 1. As of today, what is your declared major and emphasis (list emphasis for management and finance majors only) on your DARS?i.e. Finance with General Finance concentration
    • What O*Net (MyNextMove) careers did you search? You should list two.
    • What surprised you most about the career findings? One paragraph is sufficient
    • 1. Based on what I learned I want to keep my declared major and make NO changes to my DARS. Your answer should be: Yes, I want to keep my declared major and make no changes.

    • 1. If I am a Management or Finance major my DARS also lists one or more “emphasis” in addition to my degree. For example, a Management major with Human Resources Management emphasis. Answer yes or no. If no, you should be doing option 2, because you need to add a concentration.



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