Complete DQ

Complete DQ

Complete DQ in attachment below questions 1-7 are listed in the attachment only question 8 is not. Please follow directions

8. respond back to post (100- words) The Healthcare Occupations explained how the percentage of growth of 18 % would happen by the year of 2026 and how 2.3 million new jobs with be created. As I read and know healthcare services will always be in demand because of the aging population. This tab also showed salaries, type of education needed and job functions. Which I found interesting because now I was able to compare professions. I feel that a person that is confused about what education is needed or what type of salary they’re looking for this the site to go to get information. I was impressed with some of the salaries that I seen that be made and also disappointed in some salaries which I feel wasn’t enough.

respond to attach discussion. label each, refs and cite where applicable, and put the refs directly at the end of each response as discussions are separate. DONT mix all refs at the end

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