Complete DQ below

Complete DQ below


Use the following chapter to help complete the discussion questions below. (NO REPEATING OF INFORMATION) (NO PLAGIARISM) (FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS BELOW) please cite and add references from the book.

Read Ch. 1 of Managing Human Resources (8th ed.).

1.) (Answer question between 90- words) In your opinion, what employment laws have the most effect on health care organizations? Why?

2.) (Word limit 100- words) Read Ch. 1 of Managing Human Resources (8th ed.). and Write your thoughts on the chapter

Read Ch. 2 of Managing Human Resources (8th ed.)
3.) (Word limit 100- words) Read Ch. 2 of Managing Human Resources and Write your thoughts on the chapter

Read Ch. 3 of Managing Human Resources (8th ed.)
4.) (Word limit 100 words) Read Ch. 3 of Managing Human Resources and Write your thoughts on the chapter

Read Ch. 16 of Managing Human Resources (8th ed.).
5.)Word limit 100- words) Read Ch. 16 of Managing Human Resources and Write your thoughts on the chapter

6.) Read ch.16 & Respond back to post below between 90- words) Employees who are injured on the job cannot sue their employers. instead they get workers compensation. the authorities have sat down and determined a just amount of compensation for each type of injury from a scrape or bruise to death. It is both good and bad for both employee and employer… In a lawsuit, you may or may not win, so it’s good for employee because he’ll definitely get some compensation for his injury and bad for employer because regardless of whether it was the employer’s fault, they must pay for it. But in a lawsuit, if the employee wins, he’d likely get a lot more money than he would under workers compensation… it’s good for employer because although he has to pay something to everyone, it’s a limited amount, less than what they’d pay if they lost a lawsuit. it’s bad for employee because they might be entitled to much more, but be stuck with the workers compensation amount… workers compensation has literally assigned a price amount to your death.




 healthcare  HCS341

Answer Preview…………….

The many employment laws have an essential role in the healthcare organizations, some of these employment laws that apply to healthcare organizations include the fair labor standards act, pregnancy discrimination act, drug-free workplace act, work’s man compensation act and pregnancy discrimination act. In my opinion, the pregnancy discrimination act has the most effect in the on health care organizations. Through the………………….

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