Compose a final paper arguing for a specific approach to supporting the developmental domain

Developmentally Appropriate Approach

Write a 5 pages assignment, continuing from part 1 and 2

Part Three: Advocating for Your Approach

This paper worth 50 points so please read the instructions probably.

Compose a final paper arguing for a specific approach to supporting the developmental domain that you’ve chosen in early childhood education. It may not be longer than 5 pages double-spaced. (References, title pages, and your appendix don’t count toward the limit.) Your paper must address the following:

Develop a clear summary of the issue (10 points): Based on both articles that you read for Paper 1, provide a brief and well-developed summary of the expansion of access to preschool in California. Then, state clearly which developmental domain you’ve chosen to address. Summarizing what you wrote in Part 2, explain why you’ve chosen to advocate for this domain and what approach to early childhood education (from chapter 9) would best support this. (People ask about this all the time: The purpose of writing parts 1 and 2 is that you’re taking what you already wrote and editing it, here. Don’t write a brand-new paper. Those words belong to you, and you can use them again.)

Show depth of knowledge in a developmental domain (15 points): Building on Paper 2, refine your argument for ways in which early childhood educators should support your chosen developmental domain across the first 6 years of life. Based on your chosen reading from Paper 2 and your learning in our course, begin this section by showing us how early childhood educators would approach work with children from 3-6 within this domain. (You’ve already started to do this in part 2.) Be specific and detailed in showing how their interactions with children would look, including specific activities or interactions that would support development in the domain that you’ve chosen. Then, compare and contrast this to how early childhood educators would approach work with children from birth to 2 if care were expanded to this early age group. What could they do similarly? How would their work need to look different?

Raise concerns about equity, diversity, and inclusion (15 points): For this part of the paper, you’ll choose one of two additional readings:

(I uploaded the readings which named Vesely (2013) Low-income mothers selection of ECE, and Friesen et al (2015) Cultural considerations.

Using the reading that you’ve chosen, expand on your final thoughts from Paper 2 to detail concerns about equity, diversity, and inclusion in supporting children’s development when they attend preschool. Referring to at least 3 main points from this reading, explain why preschools should pay extra attention to issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion as access to preschool is expanded in California.

For example, you could address the following: How do we ensure that preschools support resilience in students from underserved and/or historically underrepresented populations? What populations of students have typically been served by early childhood education? What do we need to consider as that changes? How do you communicate the potential benefits of early childhood education to families from diverse backgrounds and experiences? What roles might immigration, mobility, geography, culture, and/or politics play? (Do not attempt to answer all of these questions. They’re some suggestions, and you should try to keep your focus narrow to show depth in your thinking.)

References and Appendix (10 points): Provide an APA-style reference list at the end of your paper that includes your textbook and all articles you’ve read for this assignment. Then, in an appendix (Links to an external site.), explain in at least one paragraph how you used feedback from other course assessments to write part 3 of your paper. (You’re welcome to include feedback from journals and in-class projects, if that shaped your approach to writing this paper BUT you have to include feedback from either part 1 or part 2 of the paper assignment. That should be a combination of brief comments from your TAs, the goals stated in the rubric, and any in-person/email conversations you’ve had with the person who has been evaluating your paper.) In total, you should explain three specific adjustments that you’ve made to your process while writing part 3 of the paper. If you need help adjusting, this is a great time to ask your TA what went well and what needed to grow in your earlier writing! (the photos I uploaded are the comments of part 1 and part 2)


I uploaded the paper’s part 1 and the 2 readings which named California laws would expand publicly funded preschool _The Sacramento Bee and HDE 100A news.

I also upload the paper’s part 2 and the 3 readings which named Burger (2010) How early childhood care and education affect cognitive development, Howes (2011) Social development within context of child care and ECE, and Lu and Montague (2016) Prioritizing physical activity in ECE.

Here is the link for textbook,

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