Computer Ethics

Find a current news article that appears in a reputable, mainstream magazine, newspaper, or online news publication (e.g. The New York Times, Businessweek, or The Wall Street Journal) about an ethical issue that involves computer technology, or involves a technology company.

Summarize the facts and ethical issues noted in the article.  Cite your source within the body of your initial post and provide a complete reference for the source, formatted according to APA style as outlines in the Ashford Writing Center, at the end of your post.




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Since the area of computing is changing nature constantly, it is becoming very difficult to assign moral codes to this area. This despite the fact it is very necessary for ethical issues to be considered while dealing with issues pertaining to this area. The use of computers has brought about ethical issues which are very unique. Some of the ethical issues in this area have been brought about by the use of computers in committing fraud, theft of software and using hardware …

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