Concepts of Choice

Concepts of Choice

Read a book, pick 5 concepts from the book and make a 3page(750words) reflection connected to your real life.

The name of book: Tools for mindful living.

You can access this book on the website

“The expectation is for you to reference and cite specific examples that demonstrate how you are applying the concept(s) of choice to your life”

The answer needs some direct quotes from the book

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The most important. Everything has to be original. Any kind of plagiarism cant be accepted.

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Usually, in life the choices we make impacts either positively or negatively in many areas. Human beings are social beings. Therefore a person cannot live all by himself or herself. It is same as saying that most of the choices one makes in life will also impact on others. People interact with each other through communication (Napoli, 2017). Communication can either be verbal or non-verbal. Typically, although non-verbal communication is rarely thought of, it is what people use to communicate with others more than the verbal communication. For instance, when talking to a friend, the facial expression and the gestures that person reveals, communicates more to the listener than the words he utters………….

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