Writing in the voice of your chosen theorist from your Unit 5 Assignment, describe the Conceptual-Theory-Empirical (C-T-E) structure process you used in creating your theory?

Unit 5 assignment

Robert Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership is among the numerous theories that define leadership and categorically illuminate inherent complexities. The theory states that the best and most effective form of leadership is servant leadership. Through the philosophy, Greenleaf argues that servant leaders are among the best leaders as they form cohesive relationships with their juniors. Through the theory, Greenleaf affirms that leadership does not revolve in exerting power or authority over one’s subject but lies in serving the junior members in any setup (Dennis, 2004).

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Servant leadership is the notion of a servant as a leader as it has already been known to be oxymoronic and arresting in nature (Hodoh, 2016). Robert Greenleaf intentionally wanted to create a descriptor that would challenge people and at the same time give them a pause for thought (Mimouni et al., 2012). His main aim was to create a challenge to any longstanding …

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