What can be done to “extinguish” classically conditioned fear responses?

Conditional Response


What can be done to “extinguish” classically conditioned fear responses? Which method seems to work best? Why is it that classically conditioned fear responses are unlikely to be extinguished without some sort of intervention?

Compare and contrast the main principles of classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Provide an example of when classical conditioning may be useful. Provide an example when operant conditioning may be useful.

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Conditional Response

According to Ivan Pavlov, it is possible for one to condition a response using the introduction of a conditional stimulus to elicit a conditioned response from their research. In this case, the response resulting from the intervention would include reactions related to the ideal behavior conditioned on the individual or animal. The conditioned response results from introducing a conditional stimulus immediately before the unconditional stimulus, which will in turn be followed by the individual receiving an unconditional response. Eventually, the relationship created will result in the association of the unconditional response with the…………..

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