Please read on confirmation bias and research it on the internet


Please read on confirmation bias and research it on the internet — and then, please describe an occasion that happened lately when you caught yourself falling into confirmation bias but after all ended up correcting yourself. Please do not forget: lying, cheating, consciously twisting the facts or torturing reasoning are NOT confirmation bias (they are just not the best behavior); however, strongly and often passionately believing that we are correct when all the evidence contradicting it is in front of our nose is the consequence of confirmation bias.

Part 1- Your initial post: State your answers backed by the evidence you found. This ‘initial post’ has to be at least 300 words and is due by midnight on Wednesday.

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The confirmation bias makes a person develop an opinion or belief that are rational and impartial. Such understanding I developed based on the objective analysis in the past few years. The confirmation belief is established when someone pays attention to specific information. For example, a few years ago, I thought that left-handed people tend to create and design some exciting art compared to right-handed people (Devlin & Billings, 2018). In the most occasion, I used to find left-handed people being creative, thus getting enough evidence to support my belief. Other times I could find discounting examples to back up my opinion as a proof. My………….

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