Conflict and Power

Conflict and Power


Think about a conflict you have experienced either in the workplace or in a significant personal relationship. Describe the situation briefly and consider which response to conflict was demonstrated by either you OR the other person in the conflict.

Include in your discussion the types of power you and the other person in the conflict may have been exhibiting. Answer the following questions using specific strategies from the reading. Failure to cite specific strategies will result in a loss of points.

  1. What communication strategies did you use to resolve the conflict?
  2. What kind of power are you showing?
  3. What kind of power was the other person showing?
  4. Look at other elements of communication (Non-Verbal, Verbal, Culture, etc.), then pick two elements from the example of Conflict and discuss how these may have affected the situation.
refs and cite
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As the senior marketing manager, I had approached a prominent business owner severally requesting him to buy our products and have our brands on his shelves. At first, he had shown disinterest and had almost given up ever doing business with him, when he walked into my office one morning for a business talk. I was glad when he finally decided to give us some orders which he insisted on prompt delivery. I called the production manager and told him to ensure…………….

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