Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The country I have chosen is the Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and the reference I chose is:

Shah, A. (2010, August 21). The Democratic Republic of Congo. Retrieved August 5, 2018, from


Refer to the film or website you identified in Module 3 about the failed/fragile state that you have chosen for your Portfolio Project. Respond to the following:

  • Summarize the website or the film and describe the important information presented.
  • Describe the tone of the website or film: is it hopeful about the country’s future, pessimistic, or neutral?
  • Does the film or website pass judgment on the country, or does it approach the country objectively?
  • Based on what you have learned about your chosen country from other sources, do you think that the film or website gives an accurate portrayal of that country?


  • Write a formal essay 2-3 pages in length, complete with citations from at least two outside academic sources from the CSU-Global Library to support your findings.
  • Cite these on a separate page at the end of the essay and include a title page at the beginning.
  • Always follow the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA style and review the library material concerning APA style before turning in this assignment.

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 pol101  intro to political science description 2 pages, Double Spacing

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Some regard the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as Africa’s First World War, and it involved seven nations. The cause of the conflict was complex and included the fight for essential resources, the access and the control over the rich minerals and the other resources as well as the various political agendas. The conflict has also been fueled and supported by some of the other nations and the international corporations as well as regimes having interest in the outcome of the conflict. About five and a half million people have died since the conflict started in August 1998 and has been the world’s deadliest conflict since the World War II with the vast majority dying being from the non-violent causes but diseases that could have been prevented under normal circumstances (Shah, 2010). The death constituted about nineteen percent of the population with the children accounting………

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