Details: CONFLICT MANAGEMENT STYLE ORIENTATION SCALE – Click the link to take the online assessment and find out about your conflict management style. I already did the online assessment and my highest score is 14, & 11. Which means collaborating and comprising.

Collaborating conflict handling mode
Completely opposite to avoiding is collaborating. This conflict handling mode holds both strong assertive and cooperative facets.
If you have a collaborative handling mode, you are likely to consider both sides of a conflict and look at the underlying problems and find an answer that works for everyone.
Collaborative conflict handling modes involve more discussion than argument and finding a solution that addresses all issues.

Compromising conflict handling mode
The compromising conflict handling mode is close to collaborating conflict handling mode. While the collaborative handling mode holds a little more assertiveness with the individual taking charge of a mutually beneficial conversation, compromising is equally assertiveness and cooperative.
When looking at a conflict with a compromising approach, you are more likely to look at both sides of the problem and find a middle ground.

One of the biggest differences between this and collaborative conflict handling is how deeply an issue is looked at. While a collaborative mode focuses more on picking an issue apart and finding the source of an issue, a compromising mode tries to find a quick middle ground to a problem by meshing multiple ideas into a single solution.

After you take the assessment, watch this video about Conflict Management Styles to find out more.

KILLMANN’S MODEL OF CONFLICT MANAGEMENT STYLES (reading) – To learn about the uses of each style, read this link.

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