Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

The principles or values of an organization have a significant impact on communication, collaborations, and conflict management. These items are particularly crucial when an organization is going through change. Change can create a feeling of uncertainty among employees and among teams.

In a minimum two page paper, discuss the influence of organizational principles on communication, facilitation, collaborative planning, and decision-making. Elaborate on the following:

Explain how organizations can deal with conflict.

Describe your approach to conflict and how you would go about resolving conflict as a leader.

What are some conflict management strategies? Which conflict management strategies would you incorporate and why?

What strategies would you use to create a positive environment if you were leading a department?

Include an APA formatted title and reference page to document your sources.

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Organizational principles affect aspects of the culture of the organization such as communication, decision-making, collaborative planning and facilitation among others. Therefore, it is not a shocker that organizational principles also affect conflicts and their resolution. Conflicts are situations that involve parties that are dependent on each other that are characterized by differences that the parties see as harmful. Conflict causes negative emotions and behaviors among the involved parties and may, therefore, hinder performance.

Conflicts may have both positive and negative outcomes. Some of the positive outcomes of conflicts may include the reconciliation of the wants of the parties that were involved in the conflict. At the end of the conflicts, mostly both of the parties get some satisfaction. Interaction is another result of conflicts. People are called to sit together or rather to interact to solve conflicts in organizations…………

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