Constrained vs Unconstrained

Constrained vs Unconstrained

Please take some time to consider the following – if someone retains a constrained vision, how important are cultural traditions? How does someone with an unconstrained vision view the role of cultural traditions?

And finally, why is this important to a student of critical thinking? Consider when you are interacting with another person – trying to sort out their position, beliefs, etc.

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According to Fertig (2014), the constrained vision sees the human nature as flawed or fallen, seeking to make best of the possibilities which exist within the constraint. The moral disadvantages of human beings particularly their self-centeredness and their selfishness are directly accepted as inherit facts of life. The main challenge is to make the best of the possibilities that exist within a constraint rather than wasting a lot of energy trying to change the human nature. The constrained vision is conservative and it mostly relies on the incentives rather than motivations to get..

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