Contemporary Issues in Homeland Security Research Paper

Contemporary Issues in Homeland Security Research Paper

Paper requirements 7-10 pages (does not count cover page or reference pages).

Select one of the topics below and write a research paper about it.

It has to be related to USA since the name of the course is Homeland Security.

You can check the news. It can be an event that is occurred in USA and took place in news about one of the five categories below.


–Cyber security

–Crisis communications

–Border security

–Illegal immigration


Please check the sample paper that is attached here and try to make it like that.

I’m expecting a good quality work. It should be more about your work and less citing.


APA format 6th edition



 homeland security  Contemporary Issues in Homeland Security


Answer Preview…………….

Terrorism may be defined as the intentional use of violence to indiscriminate as well as create terror among a certain mass of people. It is the use of force in an unlawful way as well as intimidation against the normal individuals with the pursuit of some political aims or other means. It is a term that has a connotation of something that is wrong. Those individuals that are involved in conducting terrorism are referred to as the terrorist. The terrorists use different means

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