Cool Widgets Project Status Report

Cool Widgets Project Status Report

This week’s focus is on project planning, which includes writing a clearly defined project scope statement, and then creating a WBS. Use the Cool Widgets scenario, required reading, and Weekly Lecture as the basis for this assignment.

  1. Create a clear scope statement for the Cool Widgets training project. Ensure your scope statement is specific, clear, and succinct to anyone who reads it (even to someone outside your project team). Review the scenario and see pages 121 to 123 in your text for more information on creating a good scope statement.
  2. Open the Project Status Report Template in Microsoft (MS) Word.
  3. Add your name (as the project manager).
  4. Enter today’s date. All project documents need to be dated. The projects status is a moment in time.
  5. Add the scope statement you created from the scenario.
  6. Select the overall status color and write it where indicated.
  7. Include the elements that are completed and any issues discovered in the appropriate areas in the template.
  8. Use the Snipping Tool (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or other tool to capture the relevant portion of the MS Project work breakdown structure (WBS) you created in this week’s lab, and copy and paste the WBS into the appropriate area in your Project Status Report.
  9. At the bottom of the report, create a WBS Dictionary.


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Cool Widgets Project Status Report
Project: Employee training for the implementation of the new Microsoft Office suite at Cool Widgets, Inc.

Overall Status: 


Project Manager: [Enter your name]
Date: August 14, 2018
Scope Statement: Cool Widgets will develop and implement a training program for the new Microsoft Office program to be implemented in the organization. The training will include all 500 employees in the five branches and will run for 12 months. This project includes all activities associated with the training from preparing venues and training material to the training itself and carrying out a survey among the employees regarding the training.

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