Corporate Contributions to Environmental Sustainability

Corporate Contributions to Environmental Sustainability

How can corporations contribute to operating in an environmentally responsible way, especially from an international point of view? Can we justify purchasing products from or outsourcing portions of the manufacturing process to countries such as China, India, and Mexico simply because the products are cheaper?

Discuss two or three different aspects of corporate activities, for which you, as the environmental manager, can contribute most significantly to the sustainability of our global environment? Also, discuss the value of recycling resources at corporate facilities.

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Around the globe, pressure has increased for corporates to be environmentally responsible. A recent report showed that in America 230 millions of ton of waste materials are released to the environment annually, more than any other nation in the globe. Operating green business is crucial in the establishment of a positive change. Corporates are have been urged to strictly adhere to the 3Rs policy which is……………..

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