correct grammar and follow the rule

correct grammar and follow the rule

Taking a stand does not mean saying that you are simply “for” or “against” something (pro/con). You need to be more specific and precise in your argument. There is no single “right” answer; you want to make sure to take a stand and clearly and logically support your ideas while avoiding assumptions.

There is a slight research aspect for this assignment. You need to include 2-3 reputable academic sources (no more, no less) to help you support your ideas. We will discuss how to find and assess such sources in class. Remember, this is not a research paper or report—the focus is not on collecting and providing information—rather, the focus is on your argument and how you support it.

-my paper is on upload please correct all the error and correct things are not follow the prompt

-quote all the sentences need to quote

-correct the sentences make it stronger if needed.

my teacher will grade rubric below:

a.15.0 pts


The paper has a clear text-based argument that shows the writer’s specific perspective on a theme in the short story. The argument clearly answers one specific question/ topic from the prompt. It follows our guidelines for arguments: specific, debatable, justifies discussion, and answers the “so what?” question. The stakes are clear and clearly focused on the text.

b.15.0 pts


The analysis is specific and looks beneath the surface of the text and makes the connections for the reader. The writer does not make assumptions and instead clearly explains the thought process for the reader.

c.10.0 pts


Each quote follows the “quote sandwich” guidelines; It introduces each quote with appropriate context, signal phrase, and follows it up with analysis. The essay as a whole does not overuse (or underuse) quotes. The paper quotes from both primary and secondary sources.

d.10.0 pts


The essay uses the assigned number of academic sources (no more or less). The writer provides appropriate context for the sources and it is clear how / why they are reliable academic sources. The writer chose a variety of academic sources.

e.15.0 pts


The title is clear, specific, unique, and clever. It gives the reader a hint of the argument. Further, the introduction follows all our guidelines for introductions. It provides sufficient background information (without giving “filler”), a clear hook, and clearly states the argument. The conclusion does not merely repeat, rehash, summarize, sum up, etc. the essay. It follows our guidelines for conclusions: a clear takeaway as well as new information with connection to the main argument.

f.15.0 pts


All the topic sentences follow our guidelines. They mostly show the development of the argument. They avoid stating facts as topic sentences, giving only the what and not the why, etc. The transitions clearly show the development of the argument and ideas from each paragraph to the next.

h.10.0 pts


The sentence structure is clear. It avoids fragments, run-ons, and unclear use of the seven parts of speech. It also emphasizes compound, complex, and compound complex sentences, making the writing effective, interesting and easy to understand. Commas, apostrophes, and other grammatical tools are also used correctly and effectively.

i.10.0 pts


The essay follows all MLA guidelines. The heading is clearly formatted, every quote is cited correctly, as is the work cited page.

————————————please follow all the rule in the top also give out a topic


Answer Preview…………….

The implementation of a mandatory national military draft could be one of the best national decisions ever made by the United States government. Although there are conflicting views towards the idea of implementing a mandatory national military draft, the government could consider evaluating the possible challenges compared to benefits with reference to the……………….

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