Cost of Production, Overall Market and Recommendation: Tesla Inc.

Cost of Production, Overall Market and Recommendation: Tesla Inc.

hello the rubric is there my two other papers on the company are there you helped me last module on my paper its on tesla motors

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Costs of Production (Section IV) 2pgs, Overall Market (Section V) 2pgs, and Recommendation (Section VI) 1pg

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Costs of Production

Tesla motors incur various expenses in the production of its electric vehicles to meet the consumer demands. The charges include the costs incurred in the acquisition and purchase of direct parts, the materials involved in production and labor costs for employees in the manufacturing division as well as the manufacturing overheads. The overheads are made up of the associated depreciation on tools and machinery, logistic costs, electricity and infrastructure costs and also vehicle connectivity costs. The company also incurs costs in the operation of the firm’s supercharger networks and the amount of money set aside to cover warranty offered on the firm’s vehicles and other products (Mangram, 2012). The company also incurs costs related to the adjustments on warranty expenses as well as the costs incurred in writing down the value of the expenditure to reflect the actual value of the company’s current stocks. In the vehicle leasing sector………

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