counseling homework

counseling homework


Although humans are similar in many macro ways, it is the subtleties that make us individuals. Think about practicum clients, mock clients, or clients from your volunteer work. In what areas did you adjust your thinking about or behavior toward the client due to

  1. Developmental stage
  2. Diagnostic profile
  3. Cultural group membership
  4. Progress in treatment

This should be a minimum of 3 double-spaced pages (12-point font).

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950 words
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Answer Preview…………….

Counselors have the responsibility of being fair and not being biased when dealing with their clients. Therefore, they should treat all humans with respect and dignity irrespective of their illnesses and age. However, counselors also have the responsibility of treating all clients in manners that are sensitive to the various factors that affect the clients. For instance, as a counselor, one has to be gender sensitive. One also has to respect the cultures of people and………………..

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