Course Log Book

Course Log Book

My course is Accounting for healthcare.

Please look at my classmate work how he did then write different job.

Chapter 1-4

 Accounting for Healthcare Accounting for Health

make something for the attached chapters, follow attached sample

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Source Chapter Reference Headline Main point of the reading




Chapter 11



Inventory Costing-The Accountant’s World of make-Believe

Inventories are referred to a s stock  and they help in assessing the production process ensuring that the businesses are run in an efficient manner. I found there are different methods of calculatimng inventory and this helps in focusing on the methods that an orga ization applies and the changes in the adoption of the different methods. The periodic method is important in keeping track of the inventory. The in cventory costing is important as it focuses on the various adjustments in the stock in the company.

APA 480 words

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