Craft Beer

Craft Beer

Reflection writing on beer. Answer those questions.

  1. What were my beer preferences coming into this class?
  2. What are at least five interesting things that I am learning about the craft of beer?
  3. How have my preferences changed?
  4. Any other information that you would like to provide.

500 words.

Must be Plagiarism, reference, citation free

essay  Beer description 1 pages, Single Spacing

just google on the craft of beer and make up what is relevant500 words, single spaced

no refs no citations

Answer preview…………..

I have always been a great fanatic of different beer brands before into this class. As such, all my beer preferences were largely inclined to the national and international brands of the commodity since I had negligible knowledge about craft beers. My preferences for the big beer brand names would be evidenced by my orders at the restaurants and pubs whenever I decided to have a drink. I went for such brands as Heineken, Corona, Brahma, Skol, and Budweiser among others depending on their availability and my purchasing power. My beer preferences were based on loyalty that grew over time as I watched their compelling adverts…………

APA 524 words