create outline from an existing paper

create outline from an existing paper

please use my already done part file named “Intro, problem statement, justifications”(do not edit anything in this file) then use the “instruction” to create outline.

these two

I. Introduction and Statement of Problem

II. Justifications for the Study.

are done so please start with

III. Literature Review

*there should be level one(roman numeral numbers), two(a, b, c…), three(1, 2, 3…) like the example i gave you in the word file.

  1. Introduction and Statement of Problem


Roman numeral I will be followed by:

  1. Justifications for the Study.
  2. Justification/Argument 1
  3. Justification/Argument 2
  4. Justification/Argument 3
  5. Justification/Argument 4


III. Literature Review

(The literature review may be organized as follows: Under III A, a discussion of the variable of living arrangements may be presented and then, under III A 1, I a discussion of how living alone contributes to identity theft may be presented. Then, under III A 2, one might discuss what data from published studies actually suggested about living alone and identity theft. In part III B, the literature review might discuss how one’s age contributes to identity theft. In short, the literature review is organized around ideas, factors, concepts, and important variables. It is never organized around a simple consecutive ordering of articles and resources one has read.)

  1. Factor/Concept/Variable A
  2. Why Factor/Concept/Variable A is important
  3. What the published literature actually says about how Factor/Concept/Variable A relates to the problem
  4. Factor/Concept/Variable B
  5. Why Factor/Concept/Variable B is important
  6. What the published literature actually says about how Factor/Concept/Variable B relates to the problem
  7. Factor/Concept/Variable C
  8. Why Factor/Concept/Variable C is important
  9. What the published literature actually says about how Factor/Concept/Variable C relates to the problem
  10. and further lettered points as needed


  1. Summation of the Literature Review





  1. Proposed Recommendations (or Solutions)

(this part of the outline is where conveys what recommendations will be made to address the problem. And very important, if the literature has suggested that factors A, B, and C cause the problem, then it makes sense that the recommendations made, in some way, address the mitigation of A, B, and C. It would make no logical sense to recommend changes unrelated to anything you have read! Finally, and also of great importance, the recommendations must be pragmatic and implementable. Recommending that the problem of war can be solved by humanity being committed to peace is not pragmatic and implementable. Do NOT make such worthless recommendations.)

  1. Recommendation 1
  2. Recommendation 2
  3. Recommendation 3
  4.   and further lettered recommendation points as needed


  1. Implementation of the Recommendations (or Solutions)

(real recommendations or solutions have to implementable. Concrete and pragmatic strategies to implement the recommendation must be given.)

  1. Implementation Strategy for Recommendation A
  2. Implementation Strategy for Recommendation B
  3. Implementation Strategy for Recommendation B
  4. and further lettered implementation points as needed


VII. Evaluation and Follow-Up

(to implement the recommendations. They must be able to convey to the reader who they might evaluate whether their implementation strategies are effective. Such a discussion is required here.)


VIII. Conclusions


Answer Preview…………….

  1. Literature Review
  1. The decision-making process is controlled by the founder of the business, the owner, or the heir that inherited the firm

Decision-making is critical to the establishment and maintenance of the governance structure that would support profitability, growth, and……………………

APA 629 words

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