Crime Analysis

Hello team, in week 4 we need to act as a crime scene investigative team.
My recommendation is to each select two sections and someone completes the intro, conclusion, editing, and submission to ensure the assignment is split equally. We can each complete at least four slides to meet the minimum qualifications. Please feel free to make other recommendations. Thanks everyone.

use the powerpoint attached for the scenario
MY section is under MArcus highlighted below
1. What evidence is present in the crime scene? Nichole
2. How would you collect and preserve this evidence? Nichole
3. What does this evidence tell you?  Can you reconstruct what occurred?
(show these two sections well, have a subtitle for each )

4. What is your rationale for collecting the evidence?
(provide 2, name and explain each)
5. What forensic tests would you request? Why? What do you expect it to tell you?
Intro, conclusion, edit, and submit.

preview of the answer..

What the evidence says

The evidence available in the crime scene can help investigators in reconstructing what happened. As an example, the bloodstains in the sofa set indicate that the crime started in the sitting area. The person or the group of people involved in executing this crime started by attacking the victim while in the sofa before dragging her into the bathroom. Based on the arguments of Wonder (2011), there is a high chance that the numerous blood patches in the sofa and in the floor also indicates that the attacker(s) used a dangerous weapon (such as a knife) to harm the victim. By examining the table in the sitting area, one can observe a small bottle with some fluid inside. There is a high chance that the attacker might have the content to facilitate …

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