Criminal Justice

Describe in detail the three possible Accounting Perspectives an evaluator may use when conducting a Cost-efficiency analysis. Be sure to fully discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each Accounting Perspective compared to the others. Then, choose and describe two techniques (providing as concrete an example as possible for each) used to monetize outcomes associated with criminal justice programs; and clearly argue why one of the two is the “best” and one the “worst” way to monetize costs and benefits of CJ programs.
The book that was used is Evaluation A Systematic Approach by Peter Rossi/Mark Lipsey and Howard Freeman



The attached pdf has all the needed information. perspectives discussed include: 

financial analysis
cost-saving analysis
cost-effectiveness analysis
cost-benefit analysis.

preview of the answer..

The three perspectives used in the cost-efficiency assessment are financial analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis and cost-benefit analysis. Financial analysis also known as budget analysis or financial statement provides details on the sources of funds and the expenditures involved thus estimating the impact of a program on an agency’s budget. It helps to determine whether the available funds will be enough to cover for the expenses of the program. A financial analysis has the ability to indicate whether a program will be able to generate more revenue than the expenses thus determines if a project is profitable or not. This accounting …

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