Criminal Justice Law (Corrections)

The textbook provides several examples of community corrections as a means of “reintegration” of inmates into the community.

Explain what reintegration is and give an example of a community correction effort that’s aim is to assist in the process of reintegration.

Must be 300-400 words in length.  All souces must be scholarly articles, written is APA form.  References are added at the bottom of the discussion.  NO PLAGIARISM or you will be reported





preview of the answer..

Reintegration can be described as the act of releasing prisoners back to the society after reforming them while serving their jail term. This implies that these ex-prisoners are allowed to move freely in the society and associate freely with others. For instance, they are allowed to go back to their families. For this project to be successful, there are various initiatives that need to be undertaken. …

353 words APA

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