Criminal Justice Training

Write a 500-600 word paper on Criminal Justice Training & Development Opportunities.

  • Think about and explore the career path you want to take in criminal justice.
  • Starting with the date of graduation until 15 years in the future where do you see yourself in your career?
  • What training & development opportunities will you look for once you have graduated and obtained a degree in criminal justice in order to meet your career path goals.
  • Do you believe that your employer should pay for training & development classes or do you think this is your responsibility to continue in your development?
  • Support your argument with outside references.
  • Be sure to cite your resource(s).
  • Only the body of the paper will count toward the word

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I seem myself becoming a crime scene investigator or a forensic expert. I have always been dreaming to work in this department since I was two, and also due to the fact that my uncle has been an inspiration to me for the last three years encouraging me to work hard and join him in this profession. The forensic science experts process crime scene to collect, analyze. Classify and analyze evidence. They also work hand in hand with the police to apprehend individual suspects. This is because my specialization..

APA 621 words

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