Criminal profile

*Take* the role of an investigator tasked with the job of profiling
> the unknown subject of a bombing incident. There are several well
> known bombing incidents in the recent past to drawn from. Prepare a 1,500
> word case assessment guidebook that identifies and describes specific
> components you would use in building a criminal profile for this type of
> crime or series of crimes for presentation in court.
> *Develop* your guidebook in a *prioritized order* for categories of
> evidence you will employ in the profile construction. Include your
> rationale for each category’s inclusion and prioritization.
> *Format* your guidebook consistent with APA guidelines. Do not be confused
> with the term “guidebook” as this will be in a paper format. Reference
> and cite five authoritative sources.
> *Refer* to the grading for assignment criteria.
> *Click* the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
> use 4 references plus attached book
> use subtitles
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Within the criminal justice system, there is an increased demand for professionals in the area of human behavior to assist law enforcement agencies in solving a wide range of criminal activities such bombing incidents. In most cases, law enforcement and investigative agencies seek for help from criminologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other experts specialized in different human behaviors. Such individuals are commonly known as criminal profilers. A criminal profile is used to describe a completed report that utilizes approaches and information from various behavioral and social sciences, and targets a specific form of crime. The developed profile provides detailed information that law enforcement agencies can use to reinforce their …

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