Criminology/ Criminal justice

Criminology/ Criminal justice

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  • deviance criminology, criminologist, conflict model, consensus model, criminal justice system, and social norms.
  • will canvass the sourcebook of criminal justice statistics – distinguish between the three major components of the criminal justice system – corrections, law enforcement, and the courts (
    • Source
      Ackers, Ronald L. 1992. “Sociology and its Specialties: The Case of Criminology”. Social Forces 71:1-16.
      Adler, Freda, Gerhard O.W. Mueller, and William S. Laufer. 2007. Criminology and the Criminal Justice System. 6th ed. New Yor, NY: McGraw Hill.
      Date Accessed July 9th, 2018 ( The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society (1967) (shapes Criminology/Criminal Justice as a discipline)

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ref and cite with some of the given sources

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 Deviance is a behavior that violates the social norms severely to warrant the disapproval of the majority of the society. However, not all deviance is a crime as some of the behaviors could be disapproved by the community such as alcoholism and excessive gambling but are not forms of crime. A criminologist is an individual tasked with the responsibility of analyzing data to determine why the crime was committed while also ……………………

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