“Online dating vs. offline dating – which is better for meeting partners?” by David Elmers.

Critical Thinking

For your final project in this course, the critical essay, evaluate the
primary article related to your chosen topic for the validity and
credibility of its argument.
“Online dating vs. offline dating – which is better for meeting partners?” by David Elmers.
Elmers, D. (2018). Online dating vs offline dating – which is better for meeting partners? Your
Hub, 1-3.

In addition, construct a counterargument to the claim of the primary
article, using logic and supporting evidence and identifying any bias
you bring to the argument. This critical essay is an expression of all
that you have learned and accomplished in this course. When writing,
be sure to revisit the work that you did in Milestones One and Two, as
well as incorporate the feedback that you received from your peers and
To complete this assignment, review the Final Project Guidelines and


Answer Preview…………..

When it comes to modern technology, one cannot deny the impact it has had on human lives, including the dating arena. The dating world has evolved significantly with the internet intervention to the extent that one only needs a mobile app to click, and they can be connected to a partner. Various websites and apps such as Tinder and match.com have developed to help people initiate interpersonal relationships online, and their proliferation is an indication for consumer demand for online dating. The last few years have seen a significant amount of growth…………

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