Critical Thinking assignment

> Use the following case study for this Critical Thinking assignment:
> Rashid, F., Edmondson, A. C., & Leonard, H. B. (2013). Leadership lessons
> from the Chilean mine rescue. *Harvard Business Review*, *91*(7), 113-119.

> For this assignment, you will serve as a management consultant for a
> company (real or fictitious) in an industry of your choice. Begin by
> reading the given case study and then develop a paper to inform the
> company’s leaders about best practices in leadership. Your paper MUST
> include the following:
> 1. An analysis of the case study
> 2. Your recommendations for leadership best practices, using both the case
> study and your knowledge of leadership as a guide
> 3. 900 Word count
> 5. Original work ONLY as I check EVERY paper

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