Critical Thinking Discussion

Critical Thinking Discussion

Answer 3 question bellow ( each question atleast 200 words)

  1. Has digital transmission changed the innate nature of communication?
  2. Why should business writers strive to use short, familiar, simple words? Does this “dumb down” business messages?
  3. Ethical Issue: A student in a business communication class refused to join team report writing project because he said he hated situations in which he would end up doing all the work with credit going to the team. What counseling should the instructor give?

Grade rublic: These assignments will be graded on completion and free of grammatical/mechanical errors. If you use any source you must cite it in APA style format.

copy paste question and answer below it. include a source for every question and cite in text

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Has digital transmission changed the innate nature of communication?

Yes, it has. The digital era has allowed us to interconnect quicker and get the message transverse every channel. If one is tight on time and like may need to pass a message across quickly, then conveyance of an email through the computer or rather sending a text will be a good option. Also, presumably, one got a message to pass to a large group of people, the best choice is to record the message where it will then be transmitted to viewers television sets and the radio. Consequently, digital transmission really has changed the communication channels with the institution of new apps and devices and reduced paperwork. With the usage of video calling devices, societal interaction has dwindled in relationships…

 APA 945 words

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