Critical Thinking

>> Use the following case study for this Critical Thinking assignment:
>> For this assignment, you will serve as a management consultant for a
>> company (real or fictitious) in an industry of your choice. Begin by
>> reading the given case study, and then develop a paper to inform the
>> company’s leaders about best practices in motivation. Your paper should
>> include the following:
>>    – An analysis of the case study
>>    – Your recommendations for the best way(s) to motivate employees,
>>    including what moderators to consider when choosing methods of
>> motivation
>>    (e.g., industry, employee personality, or job level), using both the
>> case
>>    study and what you know about motivation as a guide
>> Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:
>>    – Be 600 to 750 words in length.
>>    – Be formatted according to the APA Guidlines
>>    – Include at least three outside, credible resources.
>>    – Original work only as I check EVERY paper

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