Crossfit as a subculture

talking about crossfit’s people as a subculture and how they interact with a larger culture.

This assignment should help us meet the following course objectives:

understand academic work as a recursive process of inquiry, using writing and research to form new questions and pursue existing enduring questions;
craft questions that guide research, making their process manageable and likely to yield insights;
find, read, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize appropriate sources;
integrate evidence in their own writing in a way that complicates (develops, refines, extends, refutes, and deepens) their own ideas;
produce research-based writing in formats appropriate to the context, purpose, genre, and audience;
implement a variety of research strategies and resources as appropriate to their inquiry;
understand genre expectations for some research-based writing contexts within the university;
use an academic documentation style consistently and appropriately;
produce prose without surface-level convention errors that distract readers from attending to the meaning and purpose of the writing

MLA 2 sources
A citation page also.




preview of the answer..

Culture is usually defined as the characteristics of a certain group of people who are defined by everything such as religion, language, music, arts and social habits. Today, there is no country that can boast of a single culture as globalization and immigration has led to cultural changes. For instance, the United States boasts of many cultures today as a result of immigrants who now make up the country. At the same time, there are major cultures in the United States such as the Western, Islamic, Indian and African American cultures. However, there are some cultures which are developing in the United States which are brought about people’s like of a common thing. For instance, there are cultures which are coming up as a result of television shows. These cultures are referred to as subcultures as they are not determined by a person’s …

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