Cult Film Comparison

Cut Film Comparison

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Please let me know the 2 movies you chose from above


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Cult films are characteristically different from many other conventional films in several ways. Specifically, their plots are quite different and present a diversion from the usual events of the conventional society. Blade Runner (1982) and The Crow (1994) are two examples of cult films which present the typical aspects of cult films. Despite having a difference of 12 years between them, the two films present the basic aspects of cult film such as anti-heroes, surrealism, transgression, and engaged emotional releases. Comparing and contrasting Blade Runner and The Crow presents the apparent connection between cult films across generations hence the critical role they play in the society. Although the two films present different heroes and storylines, they effectively represent cult films in their surrealism and the actors cast.

The first aspect that distinguishes these two legendary films is the issue of an anti-hero in the cult film. One characteristic of cult films is that they capitalize on presenting anti-heroes as opposed to normal heroes who are mainly associated with the moral rules of the conventional society. However, in Blade Runner, the Deckard is a real hero who shows reasoning and does not work to merely perform vengeance (Jenkins 4). This is a show that the film capitalized on opening up the eyes of the audience to multiculturalism and diversity. Particularly, Deckard spares the life of Roy and at that moment when Roy spares him from death, he realizes that the foreign is not evil to humans. This film is a special cult film in that it shows empathy and understanding in its hero………..

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