Cultural Identity and Diaspora

Cultural Identity and Diaspora

Write 2 page response on the pdf article Cultural Identity and Diaspora. Develop a thesis and support it through out the essay. Identify the meaning and use at least one of the literary term to support the thesis.

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The author has employed metaphor “Black skin, White mask” as a literary form to explain how the African culture has been brain washed by the western culture. Africa is a special place to be since it is believed and science has proven that the first fossil was discovered in Africa in 1871 by Charles Darwin. The article provided explains into details the factors which make Africans are seen differently from the white men. The text also demonstrates that we should always appreciate our past for us to be able to move forward. I agree with the version since there is no way one can know where he/she is going without knowing where they came from (Hall, 2014). It will be like the river without the source which we all know it is impossible. Therefore, I suggest that people should understand and appreciate their culture and stop being influenced by western culture……..

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