Cultural Imperialism

Cultural Imperialism

Watch the following video: – Making Ourselves at Home Documentary – Jeremy Paxman


Watch Western Cultural Imperialism


In a two-page short essay answer the following questions: Have you ever had a wrong first impression of someone who had a different background or came from another culture? Has someone from a different back-ground or another culture ever had the wrong first impression of you? When? How? Should a culture have predominance over another? If yes, under what circumstances? What are the consequences of cultural imperialism? Be specific.



Hum250  Cross Cultural Competences

Answer Preview…………….

In this society that we live in we usually come across many individuals who come from different culture and of different geographical origin. Through the movement of people and increase in globalization has led to the imposition of a particular political or economic dominant country which has numerous characteristics of its own culture into another which is of non-dominant community or country to what is known as cultural imperialism. This has led to many………………….

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